You May be Surprised by the Amenities in Condos for Sale on the Upper East Side

When you are considering condos for sale on the upper east side, you likely expect to find some common amenities like a commons area or an attended lobby. Frankly if you set your expectations low you will accept below standard amenities. There are some surprising amenities that are available in some of the luxury condos for sale on the Upper East Side.

Set Your Goals Higher

Yes, it can be difficult to find a great condo on the UES because it is such a sought-after area but that does not mean that you should pin your hopes on finding just any place. If you know where to look the amenities will be surprising and will provide you with the lifestyle that you deserve.

The Surprises

The right building will offer the UES lifestyle that you should expect from a luxury lifestyle:

  • A completely convenient location with access to transportation to take you around the city
  • Not one but two areas to lounge and extend your living space
  • Private on-site parking
  • An attended lobby that is your gateway to a welcoming home environment
  • A butler service that can do everything from running errands to cleaning up your condo to handling filling the fridge

An exclusive lifestyle requires an exclusive address with all the amenities that forward your lifestyle goals. Some of the amenities that you find will simply amaze you and help you to curate the lifestyle you have always hope for.

Finding the Lifestyle

One of the key components to get the amenities that you want is to not settle. Demanding the amenities that you deserve starts with refusing to accept a space that does not offer you the added value of exceptional surprising amenities. While it is an unfortunate truth that not every building on the UES helps you to curate the lifestyle that you deserve there is one that can. Finding your ideal lifestyle is much easier when you shop the Vitre for your next home! Conveniently located right near the new 2nd avenue subway, private on-site parking for those that prefer to drive, an exceptionally stylized 2 story lobby that is attended, a lounge space and a viewing deck and more all give you the opportunity to live life your way on the Upper East Side. Before you buy check what the Vitre offers!

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