Your Options for a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Shopping

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While many people look for pieces for their homes that reflect their style and personality, some people just want something that is unique and different from what everyone else has. One great option for this is the Himalayan crystal salt lamp. These lamps provide you with many options from which to choose so you can find the one that will be perfect for your home, whether you want one solely for its looks or you are interested in the health benefits.


While the Himalayan salt is one color, you can still have your choice of colors when you choose to purchase one of these salt lamps. To create the various colors, different colored lights are inserted into the white salt, providing a colored hue to the lamps. When you choose to go with a colored salt lamp, you will be able to customize the color to either fit your personality or the décor of your home for a more seamless look.


Some people prefer to go with the natural shapes of the Himalayan crystal salt lamp. These shapes can provide a unique look to your home, allowing you to purchase multiple pieces, each one different than the next. However, you aren’t restricted to solely natural shapes for your lamp. Instead, you can choose a cut shape that provides you with the type of look you desire, such as animals, a cross, a vase, an egg or a mushroom. This will allow you to have the perfect complement to your décor.


There are many sizes from which you can choose for a salt lamp. Some of the lamps sit on a table or on a shelf on the wall. However, there are some that are large enough to serve as a floor lamp in your home. This will allow you to find a size that will provide you with the look you desire to match your décor. The unique look of one of these lamps, large or small, gracing your room will provide you with all its benefits.

If you are looking to add a Himalayan crystal salt lamp to your home, you need to make a few decisions before you order one. These lamps come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes so you can find the best one to go with your décor. However, it doesn’t matter which choices you make, you will get all the benefits of this type of lamp, allowing you to live a healthier life with cleaner air.