AMI Bag Machine Parts, Zip-Pak And Zippers

You find them on shelves and in freezers across the country. They are also present in most homes and businesses. These are plastic bags with the capability of being shut tight with some form of zipper. These require specific machinery to accomplish this e.g. an AMI bag machine. Parts for these devices, machinery and zippers are readily available. These additions and helpful devices are a relatively new addition to plastic bag production.

Zippers: A Brief History

Traditional zippers first made an appearance in the 1800s. Originally marketed as a clasp locker, they became a common device for making certain various fabrics and materials became a single piece. Zippers replaced buttons for pants, dresses and other garments. They did up cloth bags and quickly became the method for closing or sealing various items.

It was not until the mid-20th century that zippers cam to be applied to plastic bags. Initially, the intent was to store dry materials. Yet, no one considered this method of keeping items dry and clean could be applicable to food items. It took a fifth grader, Robert Lejeune, to demonstrate how a plastic bag with a zipper could be used to store various food items. The year was 1957, but it was not until 1968 that plastic food storage bags were marketed by the Dow Chemical Company under the name Ziploc. They started a fad that has continues to grow.

Zipper Bag Machinery

Zipper bags are very appealing to diverse customers. Manufacturers capitalizing on this demand use a pouch or plastic bag-sealing machine to achieve this goal. The machinery allows the company to utilize specific options including the zipper closure. AMI Equipment, a division of Zip Pak, is one company that utilizes this type of machinery. Zip Pak possesses at least 8 AMI zipper bag machines to use in the production of these desirable plastic bags. Access to the right AMI bag machine parts ensure they function to their optimum capacity to provide zippered bags for the food, clothing and other types of packaging industries.

AMI Equipment Division, Zip-Pak®

The addition of AMI to Zip Pak has resulted in the company’s bid to forge ahead in the production of machinery to provide high quality plastic bags with built-in zippers. They can work with other companies globally to provide turnkey solutions for various packaging problems and obstacles. The force behind their push is AMI technological developments. This includes AMI’s TopZip™ applicator. It easily and efficiently applies the zipper transversely for either horizontal or vertical systems. This technology is available to apply to new equipment as well as retrofits.

AMI Bag Machine, Parts Required

The marriage between plastic bags and zippers is a formidable and lucrative one. It encourages the reuse of disposable plastic bags. Zippered bags have found their niche in the industry. Companies such as Zip-Pak have embraced the technology utilizing the capabilities of AMI bag machines. Parts also help to retrofit the older machines to accept the newest technology intended to make AMI and ZIP-Pak a leader in this field.

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