Choosing Dentures or Implants in Salinas, CA

by | Jul 6, 2012 | Dentistry

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Whenever people don’t have their teeth anymore, their self-esteem goes down the toilet. It’s an ugly feeling not being able to talk or support your mouth structure. If you’re wondering whether you should get dentures or implants, it’s a personal preference. Sometimes there is no choice because not everybody is qualified to get implants. There are times where making the choice between dentures and implants in Salinas, CA has to do with money.

The expenses that you’d have for dentures and implants vary based on the quality and the particular product that you choose. Generally, implants are much more expensive than dentures for several reasons. Implants require your dentist to put screws into your jaw to hold the implants in. The important thing is to visit your dentist and discuss the pros and cons of dentures and implants. If they tell you that you that implants are not an option for you, dentures are a good alternative.

Dentures are made of acrylic and cast metal. The teeth made for dentures are plastic or porcelain. Titanium is a metal that is compatible with the human body, which is why implants use titanium. The procedure for each are very different. It takes only three to six weeks for your dentures to be made. It takes much longer for implants to come in. It can take between five to eight months for the implants to be made.

When you get dentures, your mouth might water much more during the first 24-48 hours after they are put in. Dentures make it much harder to eat. Your upper jaw has a better grip but you might notice loss of taste. That is a typical issue that is caused by dentures.

People talk about how much better implants are for them because there are no clicking sounds. With implants, they are much more stable. People who have artificial teeth that have implants can chew much more effectively.

It might sound like implants in Salinas, CA are the best choice by far. As your dentist will tell you, not everybody is a candidate for implants. As technology improves, the quality of dentures improve. They are no longer obvious and are much easier to clean and maintain.

Regardless of whether you decide to get dentures or implants in Salinas, CA, it’s very important to listen to your dentist. They will tell you what cleaning regime is necessary and if you follow their advice, your dentures or implants in Salinas, CA will last longer.

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