Creating your Dental Network

by | May 2, 2013 | Dental

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In the 21st century, society is busy developing specialized technological networks for many professional companies. The dental and orthodontic field is rapidly creating the needed software, and equipment to keep their industry on the cutting edge of digital technology. Pact-One is an independent Dental technology company. They have earned the awards of American Dental Association endorsement, and the Better Business Bureau accredited Business. The company began during the infant stages of the needed to create a Dental Network. They can help a new dental practice set up a basic dental network, with the needed software to run the administration of a practice. If the Dental or Orthodontic Practice has ambition to have the latest modern equipment,then they can create a package to meet to those technological goals. Their consultants and technicians must complete an extensive training program. The program includes not an education on the equipment and software need, but an apprentice program under a senior employee. The Pact-One service area is primarily along the West and Gulf Coast, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Arizona.

Pact-one can design and build your specialized Dental Network. They can install all of the needed wiring and cabling. They can implement a personalized business Local Area Network with the needed Servers, Computers, Monitors, and Printers, all of the software needed, Data Security, and design custom dental website for you. They offer a full range of paperless solutions for your office including installing and adding digital imaging solutions to your network. All of their work comes with a warranty,and training. To insure the practice continues to function as efficient as possible, they offer four levels of support. Email and phone support includes a live trained technician with possible remote solutions. An on-site service,where their trained technician comes to your business, is billed at an hourly rate service fee. An all-inclusive support agreement contains three levels of support; Basic, Gold and Platinum Support. Finally, Pact-0ne offers a Managed Service Agreement. By, providing a variety of options they are creating a solution to best fit the needs of a practice and their budget. Pact-one offers everything needed to design, install, maintain and support a Dental Network.