The basics of a refrigerator and a few good tips

Today, almost 100% of homes in the US have a refrigerator. It has been well known for centuries that food could be preserved by cooling, but, it was much more before 1940 that refrigerators became a generally accepted home appliance, and probably not much later than that when the first refrigerator repair in Aurora was called for.

Prior to refrigeration as we know it today, food was kept cold in a number of different ways. Food was kept in the back of underground caves, in fast running streams or digging a hole for storage. In the winter, ice was cut from ponds and lakes and kept in ice houses where it was covered with straw and salt. When ice was kept this way it could often last all during the summer months.

A refrigerator works due to the second law of thermodynamics. This law, simply stated, says that when a cold object is consigned close to a warm object, the cold object warms up which then cools down the warm object. A refrigerator does not cool anything by lowering the temperature; it has an evaporating gas which draws the heat away. The gas is called the “refrigerant.” As it draws the heat away, it leaves the area colder. This principle is the identical principle used in air conditioning.

For a refrigerator to work at its peak performance it should be kept as far away from a heat source as possible, it should be located far from the stove and not in view of a sunny window. There are refrigerators that are specially designed to work in sub zero temperatures, however, a domestic refrigerator is not, and if an attempt is made, there is little doubt that Refrigerator Repair Aurora will be necessary. The reasons are complex but, basically, if a refrigerator is run when the ambient temperature where it is located falls below 32 degrees F, the water which is the result of the defrost cycle will freeze and block air passages, causing the unit to fail.

Many families have summer homes. During the winter when minimal heat is used, the refrigerator should be unplugged, cleaned, dried and left for the winter with the door open for air circulation. If you are leaving on a short vacation in the summer, do not unplug the refrigerator but either use or discard the perishable food which is inside.

To keep the refrigerator running at peak performance, do not fill it completely. Air cannot circulate, therefore the food will not cool properly and the additional strain on the compressor may cause the appliance to fail, meaning Refrigerator Repair Aurora will be necessary.

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