Essential Services from an MDM Solution Company

Have you been considering iOS MDM or Android MDM for your company and just not sure what you need? That is easily understandable as there are many companies out there that are offering a wide range of services when it comes to MDM. In order to choose intelligently, it is important to understand what are the essential services you need for mobile device management. Though you should certainly get as many benefits as you can from an iOS MDM system, the following benefits are the most important.

Make Sure the Company Offers ‘Over the Air Distribution’

Over the air distribution is the ability to send and receive data, including software and updates, wirelessly. This is extremely important for several reasons. One of the most important reasons for this type of service is that in the event an iOS or Android device is lost or stolen, the company can immediately erase the software from the phone. Another reason this is important is for updates, as you want to make sure the employees of your company are using the same approved software.

Ability to Work with Other Devices

Unless you have chosen to provide iPhones or iPads to all of your employees, you may have employees using other platforms like Android or BlackBerry. If this is the case, it is important that your chosen solution be able to support them as well.

Top Notch Security

Another essential that your MDM system must have is top notch security. There is no room in the MDM world to go with a company that doesn’t take security seriously. Your corporate data is at risk here and that is the same as money in the bank for most companies. You probably wouldn’t just leave the doors to the bank vault with your savings open to just anyone. This is why you shouldn’t do the same with your corporate data. With a good MDM service, you will have access to features like data encryption, password protection, the wiping of devices that may have been compromised and pin pointing of device GPS location.

Application Management You Can Do On Site

Just because you may subscribe to a mobile device management service, doesn’t mean your IT department will have nothing to do with it. They will still need to do things like run reports, look at data and manage applications. For example, your IT department will be able to set up apps that are only available to those in your network. As you can see, that can be a valuable resource.

From top security to full feature sets for MDM services, it is imperative that you choose a company that has a proven track record among the best out there. Don’t trust your company to just anyone; trust your data to a solid provider of MDM services.


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