Getting a Free Government Smartphone of Your Choice in Wisconsin

The cell phone is indispensable. We need it to communicate with our loved ones and our friends. We need it for school and for our jobs. But unfortunately, anyone can fall into financial difficulties. If you currently cannot afford your cell phone bills, you can be helped. Look into Lifeline Service Providers in Wisconsin.

More than Free Calls

The Lifeline program, which is part of the FCC, has existed for decades. And it has provided discounts on phone services for low-income Americans. In the modern day, it has had an influence on internet services. Are you a veteran? Are you enrolled in a government assistance program? If yes, you can be helped through Lifeline Service Providers in Wisconsin. You can text and make phone calls for free. Not only that, but now you can obtain free internet access. This was accomplished thanks to the help of the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program made broadband internet more accessible.

How to Qualify

If you, for example, are enrolled in Medicaid, you can qualify for a free cell phone and free services. It also depends on your income. Wisconsin has its own income-based eligibility. If you qualify for the services, you would receive new data every month. You will have to renew your application once a year. You also have the option of keeping your current phone. Or you can obtain a new one. There are many models available. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is available as well as the Samsung Galaxy A10E. If you would like to obtain more information, contact

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