How to Find the Vehicle Tracking System for Your Business

You know you have to add a tracking system to your business to keep an eye on things and help your fleet work more efficiently. However, you are having trouble weeding through all of the services available. Here are a few tips to help you find the vehicle tracking system NJ fleets find the most effective.

Speed Limit
Safety is always an issue when many drivers are on the road on your dime. A vehicle tracking system NJ fleets use should offer a way of tracking the speed of vehicles so you can address dangerous driving. Having a system that pays attention all the time and watches for serious issues such as speeding in residential areas will help you keep track of bad drivers and avoid complaints from the community. Many tracking systems offer you the ability to monitor more than just speed so you can track all of your drivers’ bad habits.

Garmin capable tracking systems allow you to communicate with your drivers hands free ideal for situations in which they are lost, a change has been made to their delivery schedule or an urgent job has come up. You can contact them as required without fearing they will be driving while on the phone.

Minute by Minute Tracking
There’s no point in having a tracking system that doesn’t actually track. Having a real time tracker that allows you to see where any vehicle in your fleet is at any time can come in handy for many reasons from knowing they are doing their jobs to finding the driver closest to a customer who may require urgent service or deliveries.

Map Updates
Many people do not realize that the GPS portion of any tracking system requires regular upgrades. With the constantly changing landscape, addition of new roads, ramps and even road closures mean the need for updated versions of mapping software. Look for a system that provides upgrades.

Mobile Apps
You know you are tracking your fleet 24/7 and having the ability to keep in contact around the clock is important to you. Make sure your vehicle tracking system NJ uses offers mobile Apps so you are able to keep track of things no matter where you are or what time of day you are checking.

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