Options of Breast Mastitis Treatment in NJ

Breast mastitis is simply an inflammation of the breast tissue. There are two types – puerperal mastitis, which occurs generally when moms are lactating, and non-puerperal mastitis, which is inflammatory lesions that occur in the breast tissue but has nothing to do with the lactation process or breastfeeding.

Puerperal mastitis is usually only in one breast, and most of the symptoms develop quickly. There may be pain, swelling, tenderness and fever, along with general flu-like feelings. It is interesting, however, that in healthy women, mastitis is rare. Those women suffering from immune systems that are impaired, diabetes, AIDS or chronic illness will be more susceptible. Therefore, the breast mastitis treatment NJ includes something to treat any number of things.

First Things First in Breast Mastitis Treatment

Breast mastitis treatment in NJ is first done with a regimen of antibiotics. An antibiotic that will not harm the breastfeeding mother or the baby needs to be chosen. Breastfeeding with mastitis is not harmful to the baby so it is best to continue, even throughout the time of treatment. On the other hand, if it is a light case of mastitis, there may be no prescribed treatment. The breastfeeding mother will be the one to take note if the symptoms worsen. At that point, the mother must see the doctor for treatment. The point of continuing to breastfeed is because this helps keep the milk flowing through the ducts and can actually help in the recovery process.

Other Treatments

Breast mastitis treatment in NJ can include the mother taking ibuprofen or other pain killers to help to control the level of pain as the healing process continues. It may also include the use of warm compresses to relieve the pain and inflammation.

Be sure and nurse the baby from both breasts to prevent the infected breast from becoming engorged. If, however, the baby refuses to nurse from the infected breast, that side will need to be manually pumped to keep the milk flowing and not cause further problems.

Why Treat Breast Mastitis

Breastfeeding may present enough of its own challenges so moms do not want to be diagnosed with breast mastitis. Breast mastitis treatment in NJ may include eliminating the stress in one’s life. Often new mothers can have a lot of stress with a fussy, hungry baby. Eliminate stress and get more rest, which may need to be done when the baby sleeps, even though the urge is to get busy cleaning house is high when the baby is asleep.

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