The Unlimited Possibilities of Kiddie Slides

For those who constantly complain that gravity is not their friend, they have apparently forgotten the simple pleasure and momentary exhilaration of those childhood trips down good old Kiddie Slides. The ride didn’t last long, but it kept the kids coming back time after time. Fortunately, even in these technologically advanced times, those short little thrill rides are still available. Whether it’s on playgrounds or at water parks, the slides still attract a crowd.

Of course their designs have changed somewhat over the years, but that is as much a reflection of the newer materials being used as it is in changing expectations of the exciting ride they offer. Slides can now provide multiple banked curves as well as thrilling wave effects. Another popular variation is placing banks of slides side-by-side. This will allow the youngsters to race their friends to the bottom or even kids they haven’t met for that matter.

Covered Kiddie Slides have also gotten to be quite popular. It turns out that those twists and turns are even more exciting when you can’t see outside. Children seem to enjoy that little taste of the unknown. There is also that extra added surprise when they experience coming to the end of the ride when they couldn’t see it coming.

Yet another variation of the slide that seems to be catching on is the very wide slide, where there is room for several youngsters across. They seem to enjoy the interaction with one another as they enjoy their trip. It also allows for those who prefer to enjoy their sliding done broadside. Any way you look at it, giving them a little more latitude on the ride downs seems to be a good thing.

The materials that allow these design variations in slides also increase their lifespan. With no rusting or corrosion to deal with, simple maintenance can keep these play fixtures in use for a long time. With this type of flexibility, the next designs are only limited by imagination. But if we’re looking for sources of inspiration for that next generation of Kiddie Slides, it might not be a bad idea to consult with those who are using them today.



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