Preventive Maintenance to Reduce Losses from Water Damage

Many losses to property are results of water damage from floods. While the flood waters can easily be cleaned with mops and buckets, the damage can be extensive depending on the amount of water and the length of time that the property has been saturated. The damages may range from minor to critical especially if it has taken a period of time for the flood waters to subside. If the home has been submerged long enough, you certainly need Water Damage Restoration Service for both cleaning and drying the property.

You can undertake the simple job of removing flood waters and mopping the floors but the house needs a thorough inspection from the professionals since moisture might have remained trapped in the walls and furniture. If this is not provided with immediate attention, it can be an area for molds to grow and multiply. On top of the damages from water, you cannot possibly welcome another problem with mold infestation.

However, water damage does not only result from flooding and there are many water damages that can be easily mitigated with professional assistance from Water Damage Restoration Service companies.

* If you notice discoloration in the ceilings, it might be the result of leaks in the roof. It can be a source of moisture where molds will thrive, hence, the need for proper repairs to prevent further damages.

* Some pipes are embedded in the walls and cracks may not be immediately visible. If you notice some moisture in the walls and floors, it may mean either a pipe has burst or cracked. Extreme cold temperature often results in frozen pipes which increase the chances of bursting.

* Basements and attics without proper ventilation or do not enjoy sunlight can be the potential areas for mold growth. Different removal and restoration procedures are handled by Water Damage Restoration Service to eliminate the destruction water can wrought on the property.

* Water damage can result from household items like broken dishwasher hose, clogged toilets and sewage backup. The latter two can be rather messy and difficult to cleanup because of the health hazards. They can pose a substantial threat to health of the family because of the contaminants present.

* Sump pumps may have failed because they have not been provided with necessary preventive maintenance.

Hard surfaces like ceramic tiles are resistant to water damages but not wood which can rot or warp depending upon the period of time they have been under water. Carpets that have been soaked in water long enough will need professional cleaning and disinfecting before they can be used again. The probabilities of restoring carpets to their previous condition depend upon the kind of water they have been exposed to and whether there are signs of mold growth. Professional carpet cleaners can handle the job since they have the state-of-the-art equipment for carpet restoration.

Preventive maintenance is the procedure that minimizes water damages since leaks and cracks are immediately addressed. If you do not address the needs for maintenance, you are facing more losses than you can handle.

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