The Benefits Of Crew Management Software

Crew Management Software is software that manages the records of crew members found within a given airline. These employee records consist of payroll, vacation availability, and insurance eligibility. It is, however, not limited to these categories. Employee schedules are also included in these systems as well as current location of any given crew member.


Crew Management options allow airline management staff to utilize software to enter payroll information for each employee. The software offers a database which stores this information and enables accounting departments to generate pay checks each pay period. This information includes deductions for insurance and taxes, as well as hours worked. At the end of the year this software allows payroll departments to generate tax forms for each employee.

Vacation Availability

Information entered into the software allows management staff to determine at what time a specific employee has vacation time. The database calculates these options after an inquiry is submitted. The employee’s record reflects the accumulated vacation time within a report.


Deductions and eligibility requirements for insurance are stored within the system. A manager can evaluate the crew member records to determine whether a given employee qualifies for health or dental insurance offered by the airline. Deductions for insurance are calculated based upon the requirements of the insurance provider. The insurance type and fees are added to the employee file, and deductions are made each pay period. These records provide proof that insurance premiums were paid on time.

Cost Effective

The Crew Management Software provides cost effective management options for airports. It allows management staff to schedule their employees in a manner that allows the most cost-effective use of the company’s time. It allows managers to pair up crew members that work best with each other based on performance reports. It additionally allows the management staff to track the location of these crew members. This is beneficial not only for ensure that the crew member is not double scheduled, but it is also helpful in the event of an emergency. These emergencies relate to the crew member’s family or emergencies related to airplane-related accidents or acts of terrorism.


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