Types of Pest Control in Seminole FL

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Residents with a pest or bug problem in their home should contact a pest control company to get rid of the problem. The company will have specialized tools ready to perform any pest control services necessary. There are many types of Pest Control in Seminole FL that residents can have done.

Rodent Control: The number one reason residents call pest control is to get rid of rodents that have made their way into a person’s home. They are often found under porches, inside cupboards, and in other various spaces in the house. No one wants to open their cupboard one day to see a mouse or something larger sitting there. If someone does see a rodent, however, they can have pest control come and get rid of it. The pest control technician will identify the actual species of rodent, set up traps, remove the rodent from the premises, and provide detailed information to the homeowner of what to do if they ever see the presence of one of these animals again.

Termite Control: Another reason people are often found calling for help is when they have discovered termites in their home. Termites are small insects that often eat away at the foundation of the home. They eat anything that is made of wood. This can include fence posts, playground equipment, porches, cabinets inside the home, and much more. A pest control technician will need to administer a pesticide treatment to eradicate the termites. This is the most commonly used method because it causes hardly any interruptions in the homeowner’s daily life. A second method may be used, but it will leave the person homeless for about a week while the treatment works. This is the fumigation method, where the entire place has to be fumigated to fully get rid of the termites. This is necessary if there is a large problem that can not be solved simply by using pesticides.

No matter what type of Pest Control in Seminole, FL is needed, a technician will be able to come out and get it taken care of. Whether a homeowner is dealing with rodents or termites, both are equally dangerous to deal with if they remain in the home, bringing both disease and destruction. Whenever someone finds they have a pest problem, a call to a company like SEC Termite and Pest Control should be the first thing they do.