One of the toughest decisions in business is selecting reliable partners. Every business needs specific services such as suppliers, distributors or in the case of online business, web designers. In Portland city which is renowned for many firsts, selecting a web design service is a daunting task especially for small businesses. In most cases, you might not even have a clue about designing leave alone hiring someone to do it for you. However, there are some crucial factors you can use as a yardstick to land yourself a reliable professional in Website Design in Portland. These include:


As a small local business, you might dread working with large established web design companies. While this is to be expected, it is advisable to look for a designer who has many years experience in this field. Advances in web design indicate that skills are being refined everyday and hence, a more experienced designer will have many ideas to use. Most established firms work with everyone from the local Deli to Fortune 1000 companies and their services are customized. In essence, your needs will still be catered for.

Range of Services

Different designers use various means to ensure your website beats the competition. Ensure that any designer you consider is cognizant of search engine optimization while creating your site. This will involve using innovative features such as live blogs, social media integration, chat rooms, among others. These features help to redirect more traffic to your website thus increasing sales conversion. By use of backlinks, a designer can also draw a lot of traffic to your landing page. In essence, every designing stage must appreciate the need for high ranking on search engines to help improve your site’s online presence.

Reviews and Testimonials

The internet has eased information flow and you can get a lot of information regarding any local business. Read as many independent reviews as possible to compare the services of different companies before making a choice. More importantly, look at testimonials written by former clients and check for any complaints at the local BBB offices. These reviews reveal the level of professionalism to expect from your Digital Marketing Services in Portland.

Customer Service Levels

Customer service is critical in this industry. Always assess the willingness of staff to answer your queries as this is a pointer to how future interactions will turn out. In case of technical issues, a website needs instant resolution and poor customer service can greatly inhibit this.

If you want to give new life to your business, then start looking out for an expert like Zambuki in Portland. Zambuki experts will not only save you a lot of operational costs but also make it convenient to run your business through a well-designed platform.

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