What to do in the event of a flooded basement

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When you get a flooded basement in Albany, NY, there are a number of very important things that must be done. If you have any doubt, do not enter the basement until it is declared safe to do so by a qualified individual.

Health and safety first:

Regardless of what damage may lie ahead, the safety of your family and yourself is paramount. Entering a flooded basement Albany, NY can be potentially dangerous, think about the following:

Electrical shock: If the water has reached a height where it has gone above exposed electrical outlets, there is a risk of electric shock. If you are absolutely sure that there is no risk, then turn the power off to the house at the main circuit breaker.

Gas leaks: In the event you small gas, make no attempt to locate and fix the leak. Any small spark can cause a major explosion, get everyone out of the house and well away, call the gas provider or the fire department and ask for immediate help.


There are two sources of water in a flooded basement in Albany, NY; one is ground water and the other is sewage. Sewage can be the source of bacteria and disease; so if you’re flooding is the results of a sewer backup then make sure you wear protective clothing, this includes protective glasses and breathing apparatus. Once you have left the area, wash thoroughly to cleanse yourself of any sewage.


During the clean-up you may use chemicals in the process, plus, there may be chemicals that infiltrated the basement from the flood. Make sure the basement is well ventilated when you begin cleaning and limit the time you spend in the basement.


If the flooded basement in Albany, NY was caused by surface flood waters, the basement walls may have been weakened as the water forced its way between the walls and the soil surrounding them. If you feel the walls may be compromised, you will need the assessment of a qualified engineer.

Once you have secured the situation and all services have either been shut off or deemed safe, call a plumber if the flood was caused by a broken pipe or a sewer backup. If the cause appears to be a broken pipe, you can help reduce the water damage Albany, NY by locating the main water inlet and shutting the valve, isolating the house from the supply.

Next on the agenda is the insurance company. Call them and report the incident, they will give you immediate advice and instructions on getting the clean-up under way. As the clean-up is being done, take pictures of the damage, not only to the house but to the contents. If you need to make emergency purchases, keep all the receipts for the insurance claim.