What’s best, local or online computer support?

When you are experiencing trouble with your computer, there are four ways to go:

  • Do all the repairs yourself
  • Call the manufacturer if the warranty is still good
  • Take it to a local repair shop
  • Get online service for remote assistance

In most cases plan A and plan B are to be passed, few people are capable of repairing their own computers and warranties on computers do not last very long. With this being the case, you have to decide whether getting local computer support on Long Island is best or will online support also work?

Do you think the problem is hardware or software?

If you have a serious problem with either hardware or software that keeps you from connecting to the internet, you are down to one option, take it to a local repair shop. Some real serious problems include:

  • No power to the computer
  • Blue screen of death, windows will not load
  • Any issue stopping internet access

With issues like these the only real solution is to use a reliable local computer repair shop.

Assuming that the problem is such that you can go online, before you get overly involved, remember that many problems can be solved with information which is already on line, either from the manufacturers web site or from one of many forums that discuss similar problems. Check around online first, you may find the solution and it will be free.

Is your computer important?

If it can be accomplished at all, getting help from an online support group is much faster than local service. There is no need to pull all the cables from your unit and take it across town in the car, nor will you have to wait for a service technician to arrive if you opt for home service. If you need your computer and you need it now, there are advantages to an online service group.

Do you have a fast internet connection?

Unless you have a high speed internet connection, think twice before trying an online service. The service company use tools that diagnose your computer and for these tools to work flawlessly, a fast connection is a must.

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