3 Benefits of Auto Defrost Freezers for Your Laboratory Specimens

When you are choosing a freezer for your laboratory, you have options for manual or auto defrost units. In many cases, auto defrost units offer advantages over manual defrost units.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is important for maintaining the integrity of your samples and specimens. An auto defrost freezer uses a fan to circulate air throughout the unit, whereas a manual freezer has tubing in the walls of the unit. The design of auto defrost units ensures that temperatures are consistent throughout the inside space of the unit.

No Downtime Needed for Defrosting

Defrosting a manual freezer requires unplugging the unit and allowing the ice to melt for removal. The specimens inside the unit need to be moved to another freezer during the defrosting process. An auto defrost unit does not need to be unplugged.

Management of Defrosting Procedure

Some auto defrost freezer units have controls that allow you to set the frequency and duration of the defrosting. During the auto defrost process air is not circulating inside the unit, and this may cause temperature fluctuations inside the freezer.

Learn More About Auto Defrost Units for Your Laboratory

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