4 Signs That a Manchester NH Drain Is in Desperate Need of a Cleaning

A simple clog or two may not raise a brow, but it probably should. Here are four signs that a drain is begging to be cleaned out.

It Drains Slowly

A well-functioning drain should release water just as fast as a faucet produces it. Over time, hair, dirt, and small objects can collect within the pipes, creating a mass that blocks the water flow. Drain cleaning services in Manchester, NH, specialize in correcting issues like this at its source.

It Clogs Frequently

Grabbing a plunger or treating a drain with baking soda and vinegar every other day isn’t normal. If water is constantly being backed up, there is much room for concern, and it is only a matter of time before the problem presents itself again.

It Produces a Horrid Smell

A pungent odor indicates that there is a strong need for drain cleaning services in Manchester, NH. If there isn’t a clump of food rotting within the pipes, there may be a small animal decomposing nearby. Either way, the pathway will need to be cleared in order for fresh air to circulate.

Other Drains Are Affected

If multiple drains are malfunctioning, a home can become drenched in sewage in the near future. To avoid being exposed to this harmful waste, call an expert to check things out.

A backyard plumber can leave a drain in a much worse condition than before. Allow

Harry W. Wells & Son Inc. to handle the dirty work.

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