3 Benefits Provided by Paper Recycling Services

Over the last few decades most U.S. towns have developed paper recycling programs. Local waste management companies typically organize paper recycling services for communities. Residential and commercial customers who participate help to conserve tons of natural materials and minimize industrial pollution. Commercial recycling also allows businesses to improve their images and save money.

Paper Recycling Solves Business Problems

Companies that recycle help the environment and enjoy a range of bonus advantages. They save money on waste. Instead of paying to have tons of office paper hauled away, they have it collected for free as part of area paper recycling services. Customers and employees tend to have a more positive opinion of companies that are committed to recycling. Many businesses also contact waste management experts at sites like Website to create recycling programs that qualify them for government grants.

Recycling Paper Conserves Natural Resources

Every year, paper recycling helps to save natural resources. Creating pulp for new products by recycling can save 100% of the trees needed to start from scratch. Recycling uses about 30% of the energy and produces 39% of the waste. When paper is diverted from the garbage and recycled, millions of tons of waste are kept out of landfills. Even though a huge percentage of paper is still not recycled, existing programs have allowed some communities to reduce the number and size of landfills and use land for greener purposes.

Re-Purposing Paper Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

Creating new products from recycled paper reduces the amount of methane and carbon dioxide in the air. If paper products are left to decompose in landfills they produce methane gas as they break down. That accumulation, along with carbon dioxide, has been linked to climate change. Although trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, much more is released into the environment when trees are used to create paper. The EPA reports that using one ton of existing paper in manufacturing will reduce the equivalent of a metric ton of greenhouse gases

Thousands of paper recycling programs have been developed to conserve natural resources and reduce manufacturing’s impact on the environment. Recycling paper also provides businesses with a range of benefits that include savings and improved customer images. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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