Important Facts About Noninvasive Methods for Appearance Enhancement at a Med Spa in Maui

Many people would like to have some professional rejuvenation procedures done on their face and body to help them look younger and more attractive. They may not want to have surgery, such as a facelift, but they find other possibilities appealing. At a Medspa Charlotte NC, clients can receive appearance-enhancing treatments like dermal fillers, corrective facial peels and laser resurfacing for wrinkle and blemish reduction.

Psychological Benefits

Research has found that these types of treatments have psychological benefits. People regain self-confidence that has diminished somewhat over time. Not everyone feels the need to turn back the clock, but some individuals develop signs of aging on the face that are particularly troubling. They would like to have those issues resolved at a spa such as The Center for Women’s Aesthetics.

Flaws Due to Aging

For instance, so-called marionette lines on either side of the mouth make a person look significantly older. The same is true for the multiple short vertical wrinkles that appear over the top lip. That problem is commonly associated with smoking, but it can happen to anyone. Noticeable areas of hyperpigmentation that develop because of exposure to sun over the years also can be bothersome, making the individual want to avoid being seen in bright light.


Dermal fillers provided at a med spa help reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth and above the upper lip. Laser resurfacing, which removes layers of skin damaged by aging and ultraviolet light, can also minimize vertical lines above the top lip. It evens out skin tone for people with hyperpigmentation blemishes. In addition, this treatment reduces acne scars.

Concluding Thoughts

Studies in which people who have received anti-aging treatments like these find that most participants say they feel better about themselves. They report increased self-esteem, less shyness and even an improvement in quality of life. The results are not as dramatic as would be achieved with plastic surgery, but they still can be remarkably positive. Someone who is uncomfortable about the prospect of elective surgery may be glad to have less invasive options for enhancement of appearance.

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