3 Important Questions to Ask When Searching for an Apartment to Rent

It takes a lot of research and action to find the right apartment. It’s always important to ask the right questions and use the right tips when renting an apartment. Even if you find a place that seems perfect for you, there are still things you should check to ensure what you need matches what they are offering. Here are three important questions to ask when searching for an apartment to rent:

What Utilities Are Included in the Cost?

It can be difficult knowing how much the monthly bill is going to be without knowing what utilities tenants have to pay. When searching for apartments for rent near USC, ask the landlord or property management about an estimate for the utilities and who takes care of each one.

What is the Pet Policy?

Some properties state whether or not dogs and cats are allowed, but there can be restrictions on what particular breeds are allowed. Most apartments that allow pets will require that tenants pay a deposit and/or a monthly fee to have pets. Always go over these details before bringing a pet with you when searching for apartments for rent near USC.

What Do Tenants Do in Care There Is an Emergency?

All tenants should ask how the staff and property management handle emergencies. Things like broken heaters, clogged toilets, and other tedious issues should be handled promptly and professionally by the apartment staff. Slow and vague responses are a sign that renting with them isn’t going to be fun.

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