Multiple Bioprinting Solutions for Your Organ & Body Parts Printing Company

Bioprinting is the wave of the medical future. If you have entered into this area, you are undoubtedly looking for 3D bioprinting solutions that you can use in labs and throughout your company. These 3D bioprinting solutions include several different printers and types of printers to create organs and replacement body parts.

Extrusion Bioprinting

This type of bioprinting machine (of which there are three top-performing models) utilizes the manufacturing process of extrusion. Material is forced from a tube or space into a mold and then pressed outward. It is most effective for replacing body parts that are not quite flat and not very large or complex.

Light-Based Printing

Stereolithography is the process of printing and solidifying the printed materials with different types of light and light sources. A similar process adapted for making biological parts and organs is used in this type of 3D printing. It is useful for printing things that require a fuller and bigger volume and area, but need to be harder (e.g., flexible bone to replace natural bone). Two types of light printing and two models of machines are available.

Choosing One or More Options

If your company is just getting started, purchasing more than one of these printers is recommended. It is also a good idea to get more than one of each type of 3D bioprinter you buy so that you always have at least one fully functional printer at any one time. To help you make the call about what to buy first, contact CELLINK today.

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