3 Important Reasons To Replace Your Missing Teeth Now Rather Than Later

Losing a molar or other tooth can pave the way for other dental issues. The best approach is to look into the options for replacing that missing tooth or teeth. Instead of delaying the process, it makes sense to talk with your dentist about dental implants in Naperville and other solutions now. Here are some of the benefits that result from replacing those missing teeth sooner rather than later.

Avoiding Resorption

Resorption is a term that refers to general deterioration of the jawbone. When there is no longer a tooth in the socket, the bone will weaken and also begin to shift somewhat. A weakened jawbone is at a greater risk for a number of other dental issues. Choosing to replace the tooth now keeps the bone strong and capable of supporting the remaining teeth properly.

The Impact On Your Bite

Missing teeth do have some effect on your bite. Perhaps you begin to chew on the opposite side more often, creating additional wear on those teeth. Maybe you aren’t able to chew or bite as effectively, owing to the empty space. This may mean you begin to avoid foods that you love simply because it’s harder to bite and chew them. Choosing to invest in dental implants Naperville or a similar solution allows you to maintain an efficient bite and eat whatever you like.

Missing Teeth And Your Appearance

There’s also the matter of appearance. Even if the missing teeth are toward the back, the empty sockets allow the jawbone to shift. The result is that the lower part of the face may take on a sunken appearance. Even if you manage to avoid this for some time, missing teeth have a way of making people look older. The right type of dental implants Naperville allow you to maintain a natural look for the rest of your life.

Call Naperville Commons Dental or visit us today and we’ll help you settle on the best solution for your missing teeth.

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