Factors to Determine if You are Ready to Move Out of the Dorms Permanently

The dormitories at college serve an immediate purpose of allowing you to establish yourself on campus as a full-time student. After living in them for a year or two, however, you can start to wonder if you are ready to move off campus and into one of the apartments near CSUS in Sacramento.

Before you make this move, you need to weigh your decision carefully. These factors can indicate that you are ready to move into your own apartment as a college student.

Monthly Income

Qualifying for one of the available student apartments near CSUS in Sacramento requires that you have enough income coming in each month with which to pay the rent. Even if you are a full-time student, you still will need to have a source of income that can be counted toward your ability to pay rent. If you do not have a part or full-time job, your potential landlord will look at sources of money like your student financial aid.

The ideal amount to have coming in each month is at least three times the amount of the monthly rent. If you plan on living with roommates, all of your incomes will be counted when your application is reviewed for occupancy.


You also will be expected to provide the names of several people who can vouch for your ability to be a good tenant. If you have never before rented a place of your own, you can list the head of the student residential life department at the university. He or she can vouch for whether or not you were a good tenant in the dorms.

You can find out more about applying for and moving into one of the apartments near CSUS in Sacramento online. Contact Lark Sacramento to get more information.

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