3 Signs that Your Car Needs an Auto Tune Up Service

Cars are an investment, and most people drive theirs every single day of the week. All of that continued use could result in natural wear and tear of the internal and external workings of your vehicle that are necessary for its proper functioning. There are three signs that your car needs a tune up.

You hear a knocking noise.

If your car makes a knocking noise when you are accelerating or going up a hill, it is probably time for a tune up. Auto Tune Up service can diagnose the problem, normally because your engine needs special attention or repairs, and have you on your way in no time. Another possible cause is that your gas is bad, and a service will be able to repair that for you as well.

You’re getting bad gas mileage.

Gas can be expensive for some cars, especially larger ones. If you find that you just aren’t getting the same gas mileage that you previously got, it’s time to visit the Auto Tune Up Service In Tempe, AZ to have your car checked. A search on Facebook can help you find a service station near you. Normally, a decrease in mileage can be caused by a number of things, one being a loss of engine efficiency.

Your car is stalling.

A stalling car can be very dangerous if it happens while in an intersection or on the road, so it is important to solve the problem immediately. If your car stalls during extreme weather or when the air conditioning is turned on, you could potentially have a problem with the internal workings of your engine. Make sure you tell your technician when it stalls so that he or she can properly diagnose the problem. In most cases, malfunctioning sensors, dirty parts, or worn spark plugs causes stalling.

Having your car properly maintained is the key to avoiding extra expenses and costs down the road. A yearly tune up will keep your car running in the best condition possible and help make the car last longer. If you experience any of these problems, go in for a tune up immediately. For more information visit Cordes Performance Racing.

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