5 Mistakes You’re Making with Metal Sheets

Working with nickel alloys comes with a few risks. For your safety and protection, be sure to keep an eye out for the following mistakes:

Lack of proper preparation

One of the most important things to remember is to keep contamination at bay. So before you work on that Inconel 718 Sheet, make sure you clean the material of any oil, grease, grime and dirt before you get started, the Welding Advisers says. Otherwise, that could contaminate the material and compromise your results. It could also result in harm. Take steps to remove oxides as well.

Not wearing the right safety gear

Handling sheet metal could be dangerous if you aren’t suited up for it. So wear the proper safety gloves before you handle the material. Don’t forget to use eye protection when you need to install or perform metal-sheet fabrication.

Not using the right tools

Clamping tools make it easy for you to keep components aligned and secure in place. So if you want to minimize if not completely prevent buckling as well as distortion, then make sure you use clamping tools to get this done. Failure to use these tools could lead to bad results.

Choosing the wrong backing bars

If you must choose use backing bars, you’ll need to opt for ones made of copper. Check to make sure it comes with a contoured groove. Otherwise, penetration won’t be possible, possibly resulting in gas entrapment.

Going for cheap

Cheap metal sheets might save you a few dollars upfront but it could compromise your tools and leave you with more problems in the long run. Best to protect yourself from future issues by buying quality Inconel 718 Sheet in the first place. Go to a credible supplier and you’ll have a better chance of finding the aircraft materials you need.

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