Before You Call for AC Repair Services

It’s a hot day in Columbus Ohio, so you turn on the air conditioning system. However, the unit doesn’t turn on, or it’s blowing warm air instead of cold. You have a very hot day in store if you don’t do something about it. Before you consider HVAC parts or services, here are some things you can try which might put your cooling system back online.

1. Check Your Thermostat Settings

It’s possible someone changed the settings on the thermostat. Maybe someone pushed the wrong button or accidentally adjusted it. Make sure all the settings are right.

2. Change the Thermostat Batteries

Many homes in Columbus Ohio have digital thermostats, and they need the simplest of HVAC parts to run, like batteries. Try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.

3. Go to the Breaker Panel

Many people call a repairman when the only problem is a tripped breaker. If you notice the AC breaker tripped or at “mid-point,” turn it to “off” and then “on.” This resets the breaker and restores power.

4. Look at the Filter

A dirty filter can cause many problems in Columbus Ohio. For example, you can’t get enough airflow, and this limits your AC function. In fact, it can affect HVAC parts that cause the coils to freeze up, and this overloads the compressor, and it shuts down. A fresh, clean filter can solve many issues.

5. Check the Outdoor Disconnect

In Columbus Ohio, AC units must have external disconnects to protect people working on and installing new HVAC parts. Disconnects kill power to the AC, and they can accidentally get turned off, especially if there are kids playing in the area. For example, a ball or toy may hit the switch and cause it to loosen. If these tips don’t solve the problem, contact your HVAC repair professionals for service.

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