5 Reasons That A Water Heater Should Only Be Installed By A Professional

When a homeowner’s Water Heater fails, they would need to purchase a new one. Many homeowners make the installation a DIY project. While there are some household jobs that are great DIY projects, installing the heater is not one of them. There are several reasons why you should leave the job up to a professional.

The Unit Could Be Repaired

When a homeowner finds that the unit is malfunctioning, their first thought will often be that the unit needs to be replaced. This is not always the case. If a homeowner plans to replace the unit themselves, they could be replacing a unit that just needs a simple repair. This is something that a professional would be able to see right away, saving the homeowner a great deal of money.

The Heater Should Meet The Home’s Needs and Specifications

Many homeowners believe that if they have a 30-gallon tank unit, they would replace it with a 30-gallon tank. This is not always the case. When purchasing a new unit, certain things need to be taken into consideration such as the fuel source, recovery rate, energy efficiency, and the anticipated demand.

Local Codes and Ordinances Should Be Considered

There are certain regulations when it comes to installation that vary by city. A professional would know the rules and regulations of installing a unit that most homeowners might not know.

Installation Requires Knowledge and Various Materials

Installing a new unit is more than just attaching a water line. There are tools, parts, fittings, pipes, and valves necessary to install the unit properly. It also takes a great deal of knowledge to install a unit.

Professionals Provide Safety and Security

Many new units come with a warranty. Most of these warranties require that a licensed professional install the unit if the warranty is going to be valid. Also, the homeowner will have peace of mind that their unit is installed and functioning properly when the job is done by a professional.

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