The Benefits of Having Your Office Supplies Delivered

Having your office supplies delivered directly to your New York City location provides a number of awesome benefits. In addition, it can also provide a number of protections for your business as well. Before you send another member of your staff out on a quick run to the office supply store, take a moment to stop and think about the many potential problems that could arise.

Liability Risks

When an employee gets behind the wheel in the course of doing their job, your company is instantly exposed to great liability risks in the event of an accident. This includes both the liability related to an automotive accident as well as the potential of a workers compensation claim if an employee is injured.

The risk is there whether the employee is driving their own vehicle or a company owned vehicle. It does not matter if they stop by the store on the way to the office or if they are sent out on a special trip, the risk remains prominent.

Compensation Compliance

Employers are required under the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide compensation to any non-exempt employees for all of the hours that they work to the nearest quarter hour. According to the act, any time work is “suffered or permitted” is considered compensated time. Time spent at the store shopping for office supplies definitely falls into that category.

Therefore, when you make the request for an employee to grab a few supplies on his or her lunch break away from the office, at least a portion of that lunch break has now become compensable time. It is up to you to keep track of and pay for this time. The same rule applies for employees that stop by the store to pick up supplies on their way to the office as well.


If your employees are out shopping for supplies, they are not there to perform their job tasks at the office. These are the key functions for which they were originally hired, not shopping at the office supply store. It simply does not make sense to send a valuable employee away from the office to perform such tasks that can be done for you with little effort and expense.

Your employees’ time is going to be better spent performing the duties of their job title. It is time to think about reaping the benefits of having office supplies delivered in New York City.

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