5 Reasons We Love the New England Chowder

Love the taste of New England Chowder in Boston? You’re not alone. Here are a few more reasons to dig into this favorite cold-weather dish.

Pair up with entrees

There are plenty of entrees you can eat with the dish. For instance, you can go for bread rolls. Dip them into the soup. Those rolls will come out soft and inviting. Kale salad is also a good option.

Go for the main course

For some folks, though, this may prove to be enough of a hearty meal. If you want to fully enjoy the taste and flavor of the dish, then skip the entrees and go straight for the main course. The ingredients alone may be enough for a satisfying meal.

Enjoy the toppings

A lot of restaurants serve up New England Chowder in Boston with plenty of delicious toppings. That’s just another one of the many reasons people love soup. With fresh clams and lobster, smoked bacon and potatoes, you’re sure to satisfy your craving for this classic soup, Plated says. You also get to eat it with the crusty bread bowl.

Soak it up with the bread

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of letting the creamy soup sink into the bread bowl. Once you’re done with the soup, you can start eating the bread separately. It’s bound to be soft and tasty.

Look around

If you want to enjoy authentic chowder in the area, drop by one of the many restaurants in Quincy market. That’s the ideal place to grab a bowl of this wonderful New Englander dish. If you’ve got a hankering for food that’s already withstood the test of time and is as thick and hearty as the best soups should be, then look into eating one from the local restaurants in the area. You’ll come away with your cravings satisfied.

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