Life-Saving Skillsets: The Advantages of Engaging in Professional CPR Training in Austin

Each and every year, nearly a million people in the U.S. die due to complications stemming from heart disease, and thousands upon thousands of others suffer the same fate as a result of alternative incidents that cause their hearts to quite literally stop beating.

On this subject, you have to understand that when a person’s respiratory functions cease to operate normally and the heart experiences an adverse event, the brain can stop working and die in as little as three to six minutes, which accentuates precisely why CPR training is paramount nowadays.

The Benefits of Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

When an individual stops breathing, falls unconscious, or becomes unresponsive, medical-grade CPR training in Austin provides the obligatory skills that enable you to help a victim maintain sufficient blood circulation to the heart and brain:

* For every 60 seconds that CPR is not performed, the affected individual’s chances of surviving the episode drop by roughly 7% to 10% and the odds of becoming comatose rise by a factor of two.

* Heart attacks are not the exclusive domain of the elderly population: nearly half of all documented cardiac arrests in North America are attributed to people under the age of 60.

* Consequently, the American Heart Association believes that as many as 200,000 lives could be spared every 12 months if CPR techniques were employed in a timely manner.

Qualified CPR training grants you the comprehension and acuity required to diagnose and respond to unpredictable situations that place someone’s life at risk.

How Long Is a CPR Course?

If you coordinate a CPR training seminar with an AHA-approved lecturer, you can complete the classroom portion of the program on your computer and then link up with a friendly instructor in one of several accessible locations across Austin and the surrounding area.

So be sure to take action today and make the effort to acquire your AHA CPR certification card. Who knows? You might just save somebody’s life in the near future.

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