6 Signs That Air Condition Repair in Honolulu is Necessary

Now that summer is here, it’s the right time for homeowners to make sure their HVAC units are in working order. It could be a long, hot summer if replacement is necessary. However, there are certain signs to look for in a failing unit. Below are several indications that it may be time for replacement or Air Condition Repair Honolulu.

High Utility Bills

High power bills may indicate that the home’s air conditioner is overworked. Start by cleaning vents and replacing air filters (which should be done anyway), and ask a contractor to inspect the condensing coil for knots and lumps. A professional energy audit by Airsourceac.com can point out leaks and other areas for improvement.

Blowing Warm Air, or Working at an Inconsistent Temperature

If the AC unit does not work as it should, higher humidity will become apparent rather quickly. Homeowners can visually inspect filters, but a contractor should inspect condensation drains, valves, and coils for debris, dirt, and blockages.

The Unit is Loud

A functional HVAC unit should run almost silently. Buzzing, rattling or ticking noises are a cause for worry, and they can indicate serious internal issues with the unit. If a home’s AC unit is excessively noisy, the homeowner should call a professional as soon as possible.

It Turns Off Automatically

If the unit tends to turn itself off, or if it is difficult to get started, a blown fuse may be to blame. While a blown fuse is easily replaced, a licensed HVAC technician should handle other problems.

The Home is Very Dusty

If the home is dusty despite the homeowner’s best efforts at cleaning, it may be because of malfunctioning or leaky AC ducts. Call a technician for prompt, professional duct cleaning and repair services.

The Unit Needs Frequent Repairs

It may seem obvious, but it is more cost efficient to replace a worn unit than to constantly repair it. Frequent repairs are a common problem in older HVAC systems, but today’s new models are energy efficient and can last for decades with proper air condition repair in Honolulu.

Do Not Delay

To stay cool during summer, it is important to have the HVAC system regularly maintained and repaired when necessary. If a homeowner spots any of the above signs, it may be time to replace the home’s air conditioning unit. However, even a unit in peak condition can benefit from regular cleanings and service.

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