A Shower Door can have a Huge Impact on the Feel and Look of Your Bathroom

Are you ready to upgrade your shower door? A shower door can have a huge impact on the feel and look of a bathroom. Currently, shower doors come in a wide variety of designs and styles. This can help you decide on which shower door will look the best and suit your needs. The layout and size of your shower must be taken into consideration, when choosing a door that looks modern and sleek. Shower doors in Brooklyn area are available from a reputable store that carries a large selection of styles and made of high quality.

What Is Your Design Preference for a Shower Door?

It is important to remember when you are upgrading your shower that you keep in mind the entire look of your bathroom décor. You want the door of your shower that suits the décor, bathroom size and your aesthetic taste. Below is a list of some shower doors that is made available for you.

  • Pivot and Hinge – this type of door swings open like a traditional door and requires additional space for opening.
  • Walk-In, Round, Rectangle and Neo-Angle – these doors have maximum space saving capacity and are designed for corner shower units.
  • Bypass – consists of two overlapping panels that glide back and forth over each other. These doors work great in small bathrooms and are easy to install.
  • Framed or Frameless – a framed door has a metal frame that is mounted around the glass door. This gives added sturdiness, stability and structure. A frameless door utilizes a heavy glass with minimal framework surrounding the glass.

The Shower Door You Select will Transform the Overall Look of Your Bathroom

Take your time when selecting a shower door. If you need assistance ask one of the experienced staff. They are there to help you in any way they can. Your monetary investment and time will be rewarded when you have your new shower door installed, you will admire the beauty it brings to your bathroom. Italian Tile NYC has a great selection of shower doors you can choose from and one of their skilled staff will help you in picking out the right door for you.

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