A Great Landscape Option: Colubrina Asiatica in Oahu, HI

You may know this plant by the name Anapanapa, though others refer to it as Colubrina Asiatica. This native plant is indigenous to Moloka’i, O’ahu, Kaua’i, and Ni’ihau and is usually found in lowland regions such as the wetlands or near the ocean. Though it doesn’t have the cultural significance of some native plants, it is often used in landscape design to provide a good screening effect or to construct a hedge that may grow to ten feet in height.

Bush Shape

Most people who use the Colubrina Asiatica in Oahu, HI, prefer it because of its bushy shape. It does, after all, grow to six feet in width, making it a great choice for screening property. To get a successful start, you should place the individual plants about three feet apart. Plan on watering your new plants each day until you feel that they are well established.

With the Colubrina Asiatica, you won’t need to give it this attention daily because it should be fine once it gets a solid footing. The plant is not generally troubled by pests, which also makes it a great choice for your domestic or small-business landscape.

Start Here

Check out Hawaiiannativeplants.com to learn more about a native plant that will appear “bushy” even though some branches have sparse foliage. Don’t be alarmed if your plants grow over other trees and shrubs, which will support the Anapanapa or provide support for it. You can learn more about this native species and many others by visiting the website.

Take some time to browse the large inventory of plants, then call and talk to a member of the staff about your landscape plans or your specific needs for native plants. During your browsing, you’ll discover dozens of species, many of which will be perfect for the retail buyer as well as for those who are interested in wholesale business.

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