A New Construction Home in Pittsburgh or a Fixer-Upper: Know the Potential Money Hole

It is true that there is something inherently appealing about buying a fixer-upper, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit. Some families just live in it, and they managed to jump into a home at a discount price and make it their own through hard work. But, it is worth exploring the idea of a brand new home construction in Pennsylvania.

Risk Assessment

Yet, buying a pre-owned home is a risk. It is also a risk that makes for great television. But, do most people want to venture down that risky path? Is it worth it to open that can of worms and risk the potential of diving deep down an impressive money hole? A new home construction single-handedly eradicates nearly all the problems of buying a fixer-upper. It will cost a family more compared to a typical pre-owned home. But, the opportunity to avoid the risk of running headfirst into whatever the previous owner has gotten into may pay for itself.

Customized Living

Anyone interested in a fixer-upper should deeply research the possible calamities. These possible scenarios should be matched against the pros and cons of a new home construction. Buyers can weigh the costs for all the features they seek. A New Construction Home in Pittsburgh opens the door for unlimited customization. But, it also introduces many other unrealized benefits that could help meet the increased price tag.

  • New home owners receive the utmost energy efficiency to save them the maximum amount in electrical costs starting in the first month. It also avoids costly and time-consuming efficiency upgrades, which are mandated by the state and enforced yearly.
  • A new construction allows homeowners to create their own home design. There is no need to fit a previous family’s home into a current vision. It is a blank slate- free of all the baggage.
  • Homes made in 2017 have a refreshing and desirable value in a potential resale. 2017 homes have an edge on anything created previously, which boosts property value immensely.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a New Construction Home in Pittsburgh. There are many features that are not widely understood until buyers consider the option of going completely new for their new home.

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