Windows: Repair or Replace?

Knowing when it’s time to repair and replace your windows is a handy skill. Here are a few signs to help you tell which way is the best way to go:

Rot and decay

This entirely depends on how much rot and decay have set into the frames. If the window is only broken in a few spots, it might be possible for a residential window repair service in Oklahoma City OK to fix the problem, replace the affected portions or sections and give everything a good makeover so your window will be good as new. However, if the decay and rot has set in pretty bad and already destroyed much of the frame, you’ll need to look for a replacement window instead.

Shut windows

Windows tend to wear out a lot over time, especially when the panes are exposed to wind, heat and rain every day. A professional residential window repair service in Oklahoma City OK might know how to successfully open your windows and restore them to good, working condition, though.

Historic windows

If you live in a historic home and you want to preserve the property as much as possible, then opting for replacement windows is out of the question. You’ll want to hire a window repair service that can help you keep the house—including its windows—in its current state, as best as you could. Simple and regular repairs and inspections over the years will contribute a lot to making that possible, says Consumer Reports.

Style and design

There are plenty of new styles and designs for windows though. If you want a visual upgrade for your home, new windows can be the right solution.


Newer windows tend to be much more energy-efficient too. If you want to keep expensive energy bills from piling up, looking for a replacement—instead of repairs—is a suitable option.

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