A Social Security Lawyer in Muskegon, MI Helps Clients Avoid Mistakes

A Social Security lawyer in Muskegon, MI helps people avoid costly mistakes that prevent cases from being won. There are millions of Americans who are disabled and unable to work. Unfortunately, not all of them are getting the benefits they deserve. Lawyers who specialize in this field know just how frustrating the claim process can be.


How can someone who is truly disabled be denied benefits? If they don’t use a firm like Bleakley Law Offices, P.C., anyone filing a claim could miss deadlines, and when the paperwork isn’t filed on time, a claim can be discarded. A person might not turn in just one piece of the paperwork and end up having their claim denied regardless of if the rest of the paperwork was submitted on time. Lawyers make sure that all the proper documents are filed promptly.

More on Denials

A Social Security lawyer in Muskegon, MI knows that some people who are truly disabled have their claims denied simply because they refuse to visit doctors. If someone has a serious condition that doesn’t respond to treatment, they might figure that visiting a doctor is a waste of their time. The problem is that a claim needs medical records to back it up. Even if treatment isn’t working, that person needs to obtain it for their claim to be successful.


Some people are taken off disability after their cases are reviewed. This can happen if a person stops getting treatment for their condition. Again, even if the treatment doesn’t help, it must be continued so that it can be used as medical evidence. If a person is removed from the program, they need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. They should also start getting treatment immediately. People have several appeals that they can go through to get their payments reinstated.

Having a lawyer handle a disability claim can make a huge difference in the outcome. The lawyer will make sure that deadlines are met and that their client continues to get the treatment that is needed to document the medical condition.

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