How A SSI Disability Attorney Helps

In California, Social Security Disability benefits are provided to disabled individuals who cannot work. Supplemental Security Income is a program that assists low-income families in which a disabled individual is a member. It provides monthly benefits to help the individual support themselves financially. An SSI Disability Attorney helps disabled parties who were denied SSI benefits.

Reviewing the Original Claim

The original disability claim should include detailed information about the claimant’s condition. The questions on the application enable the claimant to explain their condition and how it impacts their life. Details about the doctors that treated the condition are also requested. The attorney reviews the original claim for common mistakes that claimants make.

Identifying Eligible Conditions

Eligible conditions are either physical or mental in nature. The claimant’s condition must stop them from working in any industry. If they cannot work in their preferred industry only, the claim won’t obtain an approval. The condition must present a debilitated state or lower the claimant’s chances of retaining employment.

Assessing the Medical Evidence

The medical evidence must provide conclusive information about the condition. The claimant must sign a release for their medical records related to their condition. If the release wasn’t provided, the claimant isn’t approved for Supplemental Security Income. The attorney can file a request for the records when preparing the legal claim against the Social Security Administration. The records should start on the date when the claimant was diagnosed originally.

Filing a Claim Through the Court

The claimant retains the right to file a legal claim when seeking Social Security Disability benefits. The claim is managed through the court entirely, and the judge determines if the claimant needs the eligibility requirements. The court also determines the total value of the back-pay the claimant receives if they win their claim.

In California, Social Security Disability programs help individuals who have never worked and those who can no longer work. The programs offer monthly benefits according to the current standard issued by the SSA. Supplemental Security Income offers monthly benefits according to the household income. Claimants who need to speak to an SSI Disability Attorney are encouraged to contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can connect us at Linkedin.

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