Adding a Waterproof Membrane to Keep Out Liquids from Your Home’s Basement

The basement can be the dampest and wettest part of your home. When it rains, it can get flooded and cost you time and money to dry out. You generally think of your basement as a headache that you do not get a lot of use out of because of the water damages in there.

Once you dry out your basement, you want to keep it that way once and for all. By adding a liquid waterproofing membrane, you can keep out rain and moisture that causes damp, rot, mold, and other problems for your house.

Keeping Water Out When It Rains

Even if you put well covers over your basement windows, you still can get too much water in there when it rains. During heavy rainfall, your entire basement can flood. You then have to use your sump pump or hire a remediation service to come to dry out your basement.

When you seal the basement with a liquid waterproofing membrane, you can keep out water when it rains. You no longer have to fear the forecast when it calls for precipitation. Your basement will stay dry even if the ground outside gets soaked.

Preventing Mold Growth

During the hot and humid summer months, the basement can take in that humidity and create the ideal conditions for mold to grow. With a membrane to keep out water and moisture, your basement no longer will absorb that humidity. You avoid having mold problems in your basement because of uncontrolled moisture.

A skilled contractor can add this membrane to your basement. It can be applied inside of the basement as well as on the outside of the foundation. It can last for years.

A waterproofing membrane can make your basement dryer and cleaner. It prevents the basement from flooding or having mold growth.

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