Arlington Bail Bonds Services Help Defendants With Swift Release From Jail

After being arrested and charged with a crime, this person now may be facing the biggest challenge of his or her life so far. One of the first actions is to figure out how to secure release from jail. If cash bail cannot be paid, another option is to seek assistance from an Arlington Bail Bonds agency.

Dealing With Felony Charges

Felony charges are more likely to come with higher bail amounts than many people cannot afford, even though bail is refunded when the case ends. Being charged with a felony is scary, as it has the risk of being sentenced to a prison term. Having to wait behind bars while dealing with this level of anxiety can feel overwhelming. The defendant wants to secure release with the help of an Arlington Bail Bonds organization.

Regaining Power

Defendants and their families may feel powerless when they first hear the high amount of bail required for release. That amount may be set automatically by a jurisdiction’s chart of felony charges, or it may be set by a judge. They might be able to get the entire sum together by taking out loans, asking for money from other relatives and friends, or selling some belongings. This can be a time-consuming process, which is frustrating when they are eager to resolve the situation quickly.

Relevant Research

Several studies have found similar results regarding the advantages in case outcomes for defendants when they are released before trial. Defendants are less likely to quickly accept a plea bargain offered by the district attorney, for example. Interestingly, they are also more likely to be found not guilty after a court trial. It becomes apparent why service from a licensed bail Bondsman is so important.

Swift Release

Usually a friend or relative of the defendant handles the application and payment process to an organization like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds. It is simply too difficult for a man or woman to accomplish this task while being locked behind bars. Release is usually made within about half a day at the longest once the bond is posted, even on weekends and holidays.

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