Advantages of Hiring an Orange, CA Social Security Disability Lawyer

In an ideal world, you would work 40 or 45 years, retire, and collect Social Security benefits each month. However, sometimes life has a way of throwing a wrench into your plans as you can become sick or injured and be unable to work. That’s when you need to call an experienced Orange, CA Social Security disability lawyer. Here are some key reasons why.

Assists With Application

Your Social Security disability lawyer in Orange, CA can help you file for disability. In most cases, the lawyer or a paralegal of the law firm will fill out your application as you answer questions about your health and work history. This person will then send the form to the right party at the Social Security Administration.

Knowledgeable About Process

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Orange, CA will be familiar with the Social Security disability process. That’s because this professional not only should have a law degree, but he or she may also be certified to practice Social Security law in the state of California. This lawyer also knows what judges require of applicants before rendering decisions on disability cases.

Relieves Stress

Because the disability process can last up to two or three years, you’re likely to get discouraged at times, especially if you don’t have an income. This is when your attorney may relate cases similar to yours where people got disability benefits.

Hearing Advocate

With an experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Orange, CA, you’ll have someone who can coach you on answering the judge’s questions at a hearing. Your attorney will also cite information from your medical records to attempt to prove to the judge that you have a disability.

A Social Security disability lawyer can also identify weaknesses in your case and help you rectify them. This can include recommending special medical tests to add more credibility to your case.

Ortega Disability Group is located online and in Orange, CA, and is committed to helping disabled California residents get the Social Security benefits they deserve.

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