Four Reasons to Hire a Local Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Insurance was first instituted in 1956, according to the Social Security Administration, which enabled people with injuries or illnesses to get compensation if they couldn’t work. If you’ve injured yourself or developed an ailment that prevents you from working, you need to call a local Social Security disability attorney. Here’s why.

Strong Track Record

When you’re seeking representation for Social Security disability in Halifax, you have a number of experienced law firms from which to choose. Some of these firms have been practicing Social Security law for 10 or even 20 years or more. During this time, the attorneys who work for these firms have familiarized themselves with the Social Security disability process. They have also learned how to convince judges to render positive decisions for their clients.

Personal Service

With out-of-town disability attorneys, there’s a chance you could be treated like just a number. Therefore, it’s often difficult to get any time with your Social Security attorney. Contrarily, when you hire a local disability attorney, you’ll get more personal attention. This alone can help you win your case, especially since your attorney may be more familiar with your condition.

No Upfront Payment

Reputable law firms that handle Social Security disability in Halifax cases will not make you pay in advance for their services. Instead, the law firm will earn a certain percentage of the backpay you’re awarded by the Social Security Administration.

Help You Win

It’s much easier to receive Social Security disability in Halifax benefits with a disability lawyer than trying to get it on your own. Your attorney will be more familiar with the qualifying criteria for disability and the medical forms that help bolster your case. This attorney will also serve as your proponent at the hearing.

A local Social Security disability attorney will help you file an appeal if necessary. Your attorney will also facilitate your disability case by expediting all paperwork.

Cunningham Law Group can be reached through their website at, and has been helping Southern Virginia residents with Social Security disability, personal injury and wrongful death cases for more than 20 years.

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