Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

You’re born with white teeth, but they don’t always stay that way. The foods we eat and the lifestyle we live affects how our teeth look. You can buy whitening strips from the store, but nothing is going to give you a whitening as high-quality as the professionals. If you still want to enjoy the foods and drinks from oranges to some red wine at the end of a long day, and still have pearly white teeth, you need professional whitening.

  • Timely treatment with long lasting results
    Dentists can achieve what whitening strips can in an hour instead of a couple of weeks. Strips work over time to give you a whiter smile, whereas you can get a brighter smile after an hour at the dentist. Your professional whitening will also last longer, since your dentist may be able to provide you with customized tools that wouldn’t work as well as store-bought whitening treatments.
  • A more confident smile
    Professional whitening can help your teeth look as good as new. You could have several severe stains, but working with a professional can make your teeth look whiter than you’ve seen them in a while. If you’re happy with your smile, you’re likely to smile more and feel better about your smile without the use of whitening strips or store-bought solutions. Dentists can also help you with other aspects of your smile you may be unhappy with.
  • Thorough whitening
    Everyone’s teeth are different and have various needs, but most store-bought whitening treatments are a general strength and size. The whitening treatments you buy could leave you with weird lines where you’ve whitened if your teeth don’t fit. Your dentist is there to help you do what’s best for your teeth, and professional teeth whitening will make sure all your teeth are whitened. Your dentist may also have access to different strengths of whitening for trickier stains.
  • Professional information
    You can read the back of your store-bought whitening strips all you want, but it still may not answer all your questions. While you visit the dentist, you can ask the questions you have and will get a better answer. Your dentist may also be able to offer you tips on how to maintain your whitened teeth, so you can be informed on how to take care of your mouth to keep it looking great.

If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, a professional will be able to give you a whiter smile during a short office visit that will last you a long time. If you’re looking for teeth whitening, Chesterfield Family Dentistry has the right tools to help you get more thorough whitening than any store-bought brand.

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