It’s Essential to Consult a Traffic Violations Attorney in Mankato, MN

Most people charged with a traffic offense such as speeding, illegal parking, or disobeying rules of the road like improperly turning right on a red light simply need to pay a fine and possibly deal with points added to their driving records. There are times, though, when a traffic stop leads to a criminal charge.

Types of Criminal Traffic Violations

Reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or even numerous unpaid parking tickets can lead to serious consequences including the suspension of a driver’s license. A driver who questions the validity of a traffic violation charge or who needs guidance for handling the legalities of the charge should contact a traffic violations attorney in Mankato, MN.

Criminal Traffic Violation Procedures

An attorney experienced in helping drivers facing criminal traffic charges will help the driver navigate the often confusing experience of arraignment, the initial appearance before a judge on the charges. A driver who has been charged with a traffic offense can generally either plead guilty or no contest, meaning the driver does not plan to argue against the charges made by law enforcement officials. Drivers also have the option of pleading not guilty, resulting in the case being set for trial.

Reasons to Consult an Attorney About Traffic Changes

During the trial, the driver and the arresting police officer will each appear to give their side of the story. Many people, particularly when they feel that a traffic violation has been unfairly charged, believe that they don’t need legal representation. They would be making a serious mistake.

Laws related to specific cities, counties, or states may play a big role in how a driver is charged and the resulting punishment. Drivers who are facing jail time, large fines, or the loss of a driver’s license need someone on their side who is able to be less emotional about the case but who is committed to determining the facts and obtaining the best outcome possible.

A traffic violations attorney in Mankato, MN such as Blatz Law Office is ready to work with drivers facing serious traffic violation charges who need guidance as well as encouragement. Drivers who want to make sure they’re represented well should investigate online.

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