Advantages of Working with a 1 Percent Commission Realtor in Connecticut

If a real estate agent agrees to help you list your home and only charges a one-percent commission, you can save almost 50 percent on the cost of selling your home, even though the buyer fee still applies.

If you’re thinking of working with a 1 percent commission realtor in Connecticut, you have two options available to you. You can find discount brokerages that only offer the one-percent fee, and you can find traditional agents who might also take a one-percent fee in some situations, such as referrals from other brokerages.

The goal is to work with a full-service agent because they still do all the normal work involved with selling a home, but they do it for less of your money.

Differences Between Traditional/One Percent Listings

Often realtors that offer discounts on listing fees list the house with the MLS and don’t do any additional marketing, pricing, inspections, photos, and other features that a real-estate agent usually does. However, some one-percent agents offer full services, which means you get all the help you need listing your home and pay less. It’s essential that you talk to the agent or look at the website to ensure that you understand what services are offered before signing any contract with a broker or agent.

What Services You Get

While each company is different, you’re going to get the broker’s opinion on pricing and your home’s value, as well as strategic sale pricing to help you get the best offer. Remember, just because you’re paying a lower commission doesn’t mean that the realtor is not interested in getting you a good price. They still make more money if they help you market your property and get the maximum amount from the sale. They may also offer professional signs, virtual tours of the property and marketing plans which include television, social media and websites.

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