Six Benefits of Using a Mobile POS System

There are more than 111 billion credit card transactions processed each year in the United States, according to the Board of Governor’s of the Federal Reserve System. And a growing number of these transactions are coming from mobile phones. If you own a business and are looking for additional ways to collect payments, you should consider adding a point-of-sale system to your phone. Here’s why.

It’s Quick
Collecting payments with a Mobile POS System is quicker than a traditional cash register POS system. All you do is swipe the card and the payment is made. You also don’t need to remain inside a building to process orders. If you’re a Yoga instructor, for example, you can take payments from your phone out in the peaceful woods, just before you start your meditation session. Fewer Errors Like most POS systems, you’ll have fewer errors with one that operates with your cell. The information is recorded electronically and not subject to human error.

Eliminates Long Lines
If you own a bar or super-busy dance club, you can easily eliminate long lines with your Mobile POS System. Just walk outside and start swiping for cover charges. You can even use your mobile POS in conjunction with the cash register unit to get people in the door faster. And more patrons means more revenue for you.

Convenient E-Mail Receipt
Your Mobile POS System will be paperless, so you won’t need to take time for people to sign their names. Instead, receipts are delivered to customers by email. Data for Marketing Purposes When you have people’s emails, you can use them to market future specials or send out coupons. Just instruct people to present the coupons at the register the next time they visit. You should also tell people in advance that you may send emails about specials to prevent spamming.

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