Advice on Long Term Vehicle Storage York, PA

There are times when we need to store vehicles, especially if they are not in frequent use. When you travel or move, it is important to find a safe and secure vehicle storage port where you can put away your car. Leaving your car in your building parking lot or in a garage while you are away may seem like a simple option to vehicle storage; however, there is little assurance of the complete safety of your car from burglary or vandalism. Storage spaces not only provide safety in storage but also a place that you can easily access your car whenever you need it.

Long term vehicle storage in York, PA offers a great solution to car owners who are away or have no other place to secure their vehicles. The storage facilities are usually guarded with ample space and security. Other than just vehicles, you may also require to store other auto motors that are only seasonally used such as boats, motorcycles, sports utility vehicles, and scooters. Living arrangements may not provide adequate storage space for these auto motors.

When it comes to vehicle storage in York, PA, there are a few things that you need to consider. Long term storage of cars without proper storage practices may lead to a sort of car atrophy. Therefore, here are a few tips to storage practices for your car in storage:

  • Before putting your car into vehicle storage, you should always perform a routine maintenance on all components of the vehicles. Ensure that you leave your vehicle in good condition with all components in good shape. Leaving old engine oil in your car during long term storage can lead to corrosion. Rust may also develop therefore you will need to use products such as antifreeze coolant and anti-corrosion detergents regardless of the weather.
  • Another important thing to consider during vehicle storage is to leave the gas tank full of gasoline. This is because gasoline absorbs moisture, therefore, to reduce the amount of moisture accumulated, leave a full tank.
  • The battery drains down if left connected even when the vehicle is turned off. Therefore, during vehicle storage, always ensure that the battery is disconnected. Otherwise, the minimal energy being consumed will kill the battery life.
  • During vehicle storage, burn or flat spots develop in the tyres. If you do not want to replace the four tyres of your car while getting it out of storage, you should leave the tyres overinflated. The vehicle manual will indicate the maximum amount to which you can overinflate the tyres. Do not exceed the minimum amount or the tyres could burst when expanded by heat.
  • You should also coat your spark plugs by putting oil into each cylinder to prevent rust and seal the engine openings with cotton to prevent moisture from entering.

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