Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are many people who apply for Social Security disability benefits on their own without assistance from an attorney, but the process can become complicated and frustrating when you aren’t familiar with the application process. If you are considering applying for disability benefits or want to appeal a claim that was denied, there are several benefits to seeking help from an attorney.

Eligibility Requirements

Experienced Social Security disability attorneys Missouri can speak with you about your medical condition and let you know if you fulfill the eligibility requirements for a disability claim. The attorney will know how to obtain the necessary medical information you’ll need and help you complete the application. A lawyer can let you know what to expect and guide you through every step of the process.

Paperwork and Medical Records

In order to get approved for disability benefits, you have to prove the severity of your medical condition as well as any physical or mental limitations that impede your ability to work. You will also have to provide information regarding your work history, education, and job skills. Gathering all of the necessary documents can take a lot of time and energy. Your attorney will remain in direct contact with the Social Security Administration and can provide them the information and documents they’ll need to review your claim. Having an attorney work for you enables you to spend most of your time focused on your medical treatment and recovery.


The Social Security Administration expects you to abide by strict deadlines. Failing to submit paperwork on time can jeopardize the status of your claim. Social Security disability attorneys Missouri know which deadlines are applicable to your case. The attorneys will keep you updated and make sure that you are informed of any deadlines that must be met.

Working with the Social Security disability attorneys at Grundy Disability Group LLC may improve your chances of reaching a favorable outcome when applying for disability benefits. They are able to present your claim in a way that is persuasive and compelling. Having a lawyer can also save you time, resources, and make the process less stressful. Visit the law firm’s website to fill out a contact form and schedule a free case evaluation.

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