Air conditioner repair and maintenance

The heat and humidity in Central Florida during the summer can get very oppressive; it is certainly the worst time of the year for your air conditioner to have a problem. It’s bad enough to suffer the discomfort of sitting in an uncomfortably hot home, its equally frustrating paying an inflated repair bill. There are ways to avoid this inconvenience and it all starts with air con maintenance and air conditioning repair in St. Cloud FL.

Perhaps the best thing that any homeowner can do is to make sure that the cooling system is serviced and tuned up annually. During the spring make sure you have a leading HVAC specialist group prepare and optimize your air con system. At Smith’s Air Conditioning you will find a qualified staff to handle your AC repair and indoor air quality testing, the pros will undertake a series of checks and make adjustments as necessary. Smith’s are central Florida’s premier AC specialists, we can help you stay cool and save on energy costs.

During the annual inspection the technician will inspect the system, looking for any fittings that are loose or any leaking connections. The inspection includes making any necessary adjustments, applying lubricant where needed, recharging the refrigerant, cleaning the coil on the condenser, making a thorough inspection of the ducting system and ensuring the thermostat is in working order.

If, during their inspection, the technicians spot any serious problem they will offer you the solution, to operate efficiently and in accordance with the original specs the system must be trouble free. As is the case with almost any piece of mechanical equipment, if a small problem is not taken care of, it can quickly turn into a larger problem and a much more costly repair. Taking these steps once a year can help to ensure that you will get through the hottest time of the year in comfort.

As the homeowner you too can play a role in keeping your air conditioner working efficiently. The cooling season should start with the system in perfect condition but as the season wears on the system needs periodic attention. Check the filter every month to ensure that it is still clean, a blocked filter can have a dramatic impact on air flow, this not only results inn deteriorated cooling, it puts the system under unnecessary stress which may result in you having to call for air conditioning repair in St. Cloud FL before the next scheduled trip.


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